A postmark from the Ballycassidy post office.

The Ancestral Home of Ballycassidy

        The ancestral home of all Cassidys is Ballycassidy, which lies slightly north of Enniskillen, the principal city in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.  Ballycassidy borders the eastern shores of Lower Lough (Lake) Erne. 

        Ballycassidy is a townland, or small rural community, consisting mainly of scattered homes, the Balcas Sawmill and rich farm land along the Ballycassidy River.  There is no pub or grocery store.  Its sole sign is at the Ballycassidy post office.

The Ballycassidy River that flows through Ballycassidy to Lake Erne.

Woods by the bank of the
Ballycassidy River.


Ballycassidy's Past

          In the fourteenth century, there was a church in Ballycassidy.  A nearby holy well is still marked on the map of Ballycassidy, and was associated with St. Molaise who founded the monastery on nearby Devenish Island.  Ballycassidy lies within the historical district of Coole (representing the Irish Cúil, "a corner"), a half-barony lying to the northeast of Enniskillen in the present barony of Tirkennedy.  Cassidys served as erenaghs at Coole, and other parts of the parish of Devenish. 


Above the view of Lower Lough Erne south from Ballycassidy, and below another view of the lake.



In August 2011, the Cassidy Clan will be holding a rally near Ballycassidy & Enniskillen for all families whose surnames originate in or can be traced to County Fermanagh.


Slightly north of Ballycassidy and below Irvinestown is the townland of Cassidy, which consists of a few scattered houses.  At the townland of Cassidy the remains of an ancient rath exists. Raths were small wooden forts built on hilltops occupied by ancient celtic settlers.  Like most raths today, the rath itself has long ago disappeared and foliage has grown over  its remains.



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Inch Strand in County Kerry on the Dingle Peninsula by Sarah Cassidy.
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